212 Magazine #12


Issue 12.

Fashion, Photography

212 Magazine is a large-format international biannual magazine based in Istanbul. It’s a publication about art and society and each issue will tackle various universal subjects within a distinct theme, through long-form writing, short fiction, photo essays and interviews.


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Issue 12. Earthlings

Issue XII of 212 Magazine features snippets from the lives of earthlings who inhabit the folds of this fragile crust. Perplexed, they question their existence and its circumstances: where are we? What universe are we in? Which cycle are we in? What age are we in? When did it start? Will we witness its end? Who we are? Who we are with? What is the explanation for all of this? This issue also takes a close look at the space entrepreneurs, eager to defy gravity and transmit our voices to other worlds, as well as the scientists, who traverse time, reaching back millions of years prior to the Anthropocene, in their search for traces of lost civilisations underground.

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