Antidote #21


Issue 21.


Antidote is fashion magazine of international scope. A publication with the ambition to become an Indispensable event every six months, based on a captivating theme. Antidote remains true to its original concept, creating a book-like publication, by offering a different guest photographer the opportunity to co-produce each issue. A diversity of tones that contributes to the vibrancy and completeness of the perspective offered by the magazine.

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This box brings together four publications: Antidote Magazine, Antidote Curates, Antidote Fanzine and Antidote Newspaper. After celebrating our 10th anniversary, we now offer a new editorial formula contained in an eco-friendly and fully biodegradable box. This brings together several publications, including the magazine, focused on a common theme, explored through articles and numerous fashion pages signed by a single photographer. It is also accompanied by new formats: a newspaper which includes a translation of the articles, a publishing project presenting each season a curation of the work of an artist close to our values ​​- giving rise to an exhibition – as well. than a fanzine. In order to offer the best possible accessibility to our content, all articles can now be found in digital version (in French and in English) by scanning their respective QR codes over the pages. These also provide access to video interviews, as well as audio versions of the texts, allowing as many people as possible to discover them.

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