King Kong #12


Issue 12.


King Kong is an independent, biannual print magazine dedicated to showcasing the work of ground-breaking artists, designers, models, musicians and image-makers from every corner of the world.

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Virgen Maria for the Kings & Queens issue  AW21.

Virgen Maria is art, is music, is film, is dance, is sex, and above all a breathtaking, rollercoaster of ideas, thoughts, impressions and feelings. Her mindset is clear not cluttered. There maybe a multitude of things going on, but there are clear lines and boundaries. Freedom from censorship, freedom to create, but respect for those around you. There’s great intelligence and an inner restraint working alongside the unfettered freedom and energy. And even more important affection for those that work with her, and the people who adore her. Experiencing her is embarking on a journey through emotions- she’ll give but demand your attention. What she does after all actually means something, and if she has something to say, you’d better listen!

Ashnikko in Multi-princess for the Kings & Queens issue AW21.

Our Multiprincess explodes the archetypes of feminine power, the concept of worship and powers aesthetics. We got hooked on the idea of a post-apocalyptic princess, the subjects she rules over, and the symbols that could exist in this fantastic world.

Ashnikko has travelled far and wide in both her life and music. From North Carolina to the Baltic Sea, and finally in London, her mezzo-soprano voice soars over a range of influences. Her music is “angry, femme, fairy, crybaby, god complex, pop punk peepeepoopoo,“. Her Tokyo street-look may be serious fun, but her views on intersectional feminism are equally serious and inform her lyrics.

“I think of myself as a king one day, a queen the next, a little Princess.
I think about lounging around my house in a silk gown just romantically drinking a glass of wine and dancing to fairy music and being decadent and finding decadence in my daily routine”

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