Marfa Journal #14


Issue 14

Marfa Journal (Formerly Marfamily) is a biannual journal documenting stand alone projects by the Marfamily team. This group of creatives have come together to showcase their work. Personal projects and collaborations are shown in this journal filled all schools of creative arts and editorial pieces.

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Marfa Journal’s fourteenth issue features wise words from Chris Kraus, Laila Gohar, Thaddeus Mosley, Florian Krewer and Rebecca Ackroyd, who will delight and inform with their skilled manipulation of words, food, wood and resin. All this and plenty of swish fashion piccies too: Vivienne Rohner makes a nice face, Hannelore Knuts wears Lutz Huelle and Grace Hartzel sweats her ass off in the Marseille heat. 

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