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Perfect magazine is a fully independent fashion publication that showcases the work of leading practitioners in the art of image-making from around the world. It provides a global survey of the ideas currently shaping fashion culture across its most inspiring frontiers.

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Perfect magazine is the new magazine of the famous stylist Katie Grant, who after two very important editorial adventures with projects such as POP and Love, he founded Perfect Agency, an agency that relies on a multi-channel approach of which the magazine is one of the pivots along with social networks. 
Perfect is not a simple fashion magazine, indeed it is not a simple magazine.

As Katie Grant points out in the editorial: “What we strove to do with Perfect was to take the magazine format and elevate it from a disposable paper product to a desirable object, one that satisfies all the senses, through sound and touch, word and image. We didn’t want to make it perfect in the modern sense of the term, but we made it as completely as possible “

One of the most interesting aspects, in fact, is that the contents of the magazine encroach on other channels ranging from the web to the attached felxy disc. 

Gucci collaborated with Perfect Magazine producing Notes from the Underground, a flexy disc produced with contributions from some representative musicians of the independent, experimental and avant-pop fringe, selected by the musical director of Gucci, Steve Mackey, and by Alessandro Michele who also illustrated the record. 

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