SSAW #19


Issue 19.

Culture, Fashion

SSAW is a biannual fashion and culture magazine that brings together the best of Finnish and international talent. Each issue is a  crafted collection of all things dear, relevant and genuine in fashion, art and culture.

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Featuring: Alban Adam, Alex Huanfa Cheng, Azza Yousif, Benedict Brink, Camille Vivier, Charles Jeffrey, Delphine Danhier, Eden Loweth, Elina Kechicheva, Elizaveta Porodina, Felipe Oliveira Baptista, Giovanni Dario Laudicina, Imruh Asha, Isabelle Wenzel, Jenna Westra, Jack Pierson, Jason Rider, Jasmin Islamovic, Johan Sandberg, Jorinde Croese, Jukka Ovaskainen, Kati Outinen, Kyanisha Morgan, Laura Coulson, Léopold Duchemin, Lucie Meier, Luke Meier, Lutz Huelle, Maciek Pożoga, Maxime Imbert, Nelli Malimäki, Ola Rindal, Osma Harvilahti, Paul Sinclaire, Peghah Maleknejad, Roxane Danset, Tuomas Laitinen, Vittoria Cerciello

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