ODD KIOSK is a Queer space that tries to get away from what is considered normal or conventional. Its transformation has been influenced by the ideas and values of recent generations, where being different is not negative but quite the opposite. In ODD KIOSK you will find the best indie magazines and a broad selection of approximately 40 artists who are part of the LGTBIQ+ collective. In addition, we also have a small corner of books and fanzines. We select and curate each product and give voice to new artists and designers.

If you want to visit us, we are located at Calle Valencia, 222 in Barcelona. Come to see us and enjoy the best coffee, NOMAD COFFEE.

W e A R E
Q U E e R

Txema Montero and Iván Jiménez are the two creative minds behind this project.

Txema is an architect and interior designer. He worked as a manager in diverse companies where he was place in charge of a team and carried out different projects. He was part of the creative team of an important music festival, and he is currently working for some renowned architectural studios.  

Iván Jiménez is an art director and graphic designer. He has more than 10 years of experience in the graphic design sector and he is passionate about the publishing world. He founded his own magazine “Agapornis Magazine”, and he is currently teaching at different universities. You can find him on Fridays and Saturdays at ODD KIOSK.

Photos by César Segarra