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212 contains short fiction and long-form reportage; distinctive photo essays and revealing interviews. Even though it was born in the city where east meets west (as the love-worn cliche goes), the magazine seeks to transcend the loaded dichotomies of Istanbul’s favourite metaphor, and extends its gaze far beyond the region.

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In this issue:

We wanted to take a close look at the ‘big data society’ floating in a pool of unique truths, from a different perspective – we even went as far as coining a new word for this issue: Impersonatopia. Referring to our ‘feigning’ states, this word allows us to examine the new stations, technology and living spaces, as we travel on the high-speed train called civilisation. In Impersonatopia, we focused on the tension between two words that have common etymological origins, but come with completely different direct and indirect connotations: ‘impersonal’ and ‘to impersonate’.

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