CAP 74024 #15


Issue 15.

Culture, Fashion, Photography

Star of the French national football team, captain of one of the most successful clubs in the world and, most of all, the winner of the Ballon d’Or 2022. Karim Benzema – also known as “The Dream” – is an icon of modern football that expresses his impeccability on the soccer field as well as with his style. An inspirational model for the new generations, an example of how with sacrifice and dedication any goal is achievable. The transcendence and extraordinariness of Karim Benzema, matched with those of a worldwide fashion institution as Fendi, are perfectly featured on the cover of CAP 74024.
528 pages, soft sewn Silk cover 300 grams, paper Gloss 115 grams, Bulky coated 130 grams.

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As one of the most iconic male model in the 2010s, Miles McMillan has started to extend his reach to some new disciplines. Talking about his childhood memories and his relationship with his body, he has fathomed a way to embrace his imperfections and conquer his insecurities. Through the lens of photographer Doug Inglish, Miles channels his undoubtedly sexiness to a powerful story.
144 pages, cover paper Roster Fedrigoni 280 grams. Inside: coated Silk paper 150 grams, uncoated paper 140 grams.

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