Daily things #2


Issue 02

Culture. Photography.

Daily Things is inspired by the ordinary and how it can become singular when it’s seen in a certain way. Despite its focus on the ordinary, the production on the issue is anything but ordinary; good paper and open binding that allows the highly-visual ages to lie flat.

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This issue resulted from a conversation with talents who brought their own vision, experimented and pushed boundaries for a deeper and personal subject that crosses into fantasy.

In the first story, Estelle Hanania submerges us into a country house where everyday scenes become supernatural.

With a poetic innocence, Bobby Doherty snaps his thoughts and feelings of his routine life as a photographer and human being.

On board the Queen Mary, Bolade Banjo documents a night using flash, capturing the elitist yet anonymous passengers during a masked ball, creating a unique and mysterious moment.

Exploring a social topic, Ilaria Orsini decided to follow an anonymous person in a mall in Rome, analysing her journey in a public space where people gather together but are not paying attention to each other.

Sam Rock deconstructs the rhythm of sequences, capturing the outlines of buildings amongst the streets of the south of France, with each picture becoming intuitive like a modern painting.

Api Nampa is a documented story in Nepal by Camille Summers-Valli. She offers us her ties

with the country, the nature and the people that she holds in her heart.

And for the last story, Antoine Harinthe photographs atypical yet normal people, revealing an intimate vision of their faces that comes with unusual objects from daily life, accompanied by styling unique to their personalities.

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