Draft001 #1


Issue 1. Parade.

Draft001 is an independent publication laid out as a research diary. Draft 001 is an independent publication released once a year. It is first and foremost a space for experimentation. They dive into art communities, look at singular personalities and collaborate with makers and artists in fashion, photography and visual arts to offer original editorial content. The magazine explores all kind of practices found in designers and artists studios, in art and design schools, as well as in marginal or amateur spaces.

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Issue 1. Parade.

After exploring chaos and creation in our “Big Bang” issue, our next theme will deal with “parade“. Praising unproductive expenditures and collective disorganisation, this issue invites you to discover contemporary avatars of the carnalesque. Our contributors will delve into worlds of dreams (rêves) and raves. They will make you cross over alternatives and imagined spaces and temporalies, and reinvent rituals and traditions. With this issue, we want to reflect collectively on the forms and values we want to defend or overturn upside down — temporarily or permanently !

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