Hamam #3


Issue 3.

Art, Culture

The Magazine of Letting Go. HAMAM is a new quarterly print publication that celebrates the art and culture of bathing.


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Hamam 3 explores the magazine’s not so casual relationship with water.

Featuring these very wet contributors:

Photography by Martin Bogren, Alain Schroeder, Michal Solarski
Artwork by Urara Tsuchiya, Li Jin, Sinan Tuncay, Tsohil Bhatia
Writing by Bryon MacWilliams, Stephanie Crohin, Osman Can Yerebakan, Charlotte Boates

We also welcome back our regulars Şebnem Şoher and Mikkel Aaland and continue with the next installment of Banya 94706 by Brian Glubok and illustrated by Cem Dinlenmiş.

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