I’m Going to Miss You


I’m going to miss you is Rob Tennent’s latest work that documents those long and nostalgic summer days, shared with beautiful men. The photography book aims to explore intimacy, sensuality, and romance in its most care-free and raw form. From candid images of men wrestling on the beach to more erotic shots of men sharing fruits – this book covers every aspect of a picture-perfect summer.

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Rob Tennent carries over some of the themes presented in his earliest book ‘Come Back to Bed’. Themes of intimacy are suggested in his creative direction and composition, serving as a nod to his earlier works.

The theme of touch remains at the core of all of these elements being presented, which is something the world has been deprived of since the pandemic hit hard. The sentence “I’m going to miss you” is a quote whispered by lovers photographed in ‘Come Back to Bed’. Which has now been repurposed to symbolize the emotions he feels towards the summer just past.

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