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Andy Warhol’s Interview is a publication featuring interviews with the world’s hottest and most sought after personalities. It contains all the current gossip, fashion, films, books, photographs, music, art and politics and is lavishly and dramatically illustrated with black and white and color photographs.

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Twenty-one years after The Princess Diaries, Anne Hathaway has emerged as something of an industry polymath and a critical indemnity. Having weathered the crucible of fame, Anne (or “Annie,” as her friends call her) has become used to being thought of, in chronological order, as “America’s sweetheart,” the goody two-shoes, the rom-com queen, and the Oscar-winning dramatic heavyweight. If you were to google, “Why don’t some people like Anne Hathaway?” one answer appears at the top: She’s too perfect. But in recent years, she has managed to eclipse all of these labels—even the perfect one—and has done so by thwarting expectations in thrilling fashion. When she isn’t carrying a film on her graceful shoulders, she’s often the best thing in it, and that reputation for being a silent assassin hit a crescendo with her riot of a performance in this year’s Apple TV+ series WeCrashed. Next up, she’s going to 1980s Queens for James Gray’s much-anticipated Armageddon Time, and soon begins filming a dramatic thriller about a friendship gone sour opposite Jessica Chastain. But as much as Hathaway likes to keep her audience guessing, in this star-studded Q&A, her friends and collaborators discover the root of her method: Forget the passive approach. Everything starts with making a choice. —PATRIK SANDBERG

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