Keyi #30


Issue 30

Fashion, Art, Music

Keyi Magazine is an independent online and print fashion/art/music magazine with a mission to discover and promote new and established talents from around the world, but mainly focused on Asia and Europe.

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KEYI Issue 30

– Fashion Editorial : Go Ashore by Qian Wang

– Coverstory : Interview: Dave Clarke

– Fashion Editorial : The Dreamfall by Ekaterina Shitova

– Coverstory: Interview : Kittin & the Hacker

– Fashion Editorial: The Labyrinth by Gosia Błasiak

– Coverstory: Interview : Demsky

– Fashion Editorial: Color Code by Marta Petrucci

– Interview: Founder of Aiaiai Brand : Friederick Jørgensen

– Fashion Editorial: Color Code by Marta Petrucci

– Interview: fashion design : #Damur 

– Fashion Editorial: Electric Circus by YNG Photography

– Interview: Kloxi

– Fashion Editorial: I’m still in love by Davide Corona

– Interview: Catnapp

– Fashion Editorial : Dans le Monde de Sophie

– Coverstory: Interview: Peaches

– Fashion Editorial : It was never going to happen 

– Fashion Editorial : Housewife by Mina Dishlenkovich

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