King Kong #14


Issue 14

Fashion, Photography, Queer

King Kong is an independent, biannual print magazine dedicated to showcasing the work of ground-breaking artists, designers, models, musicians and image-makers from every corner of the world.

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King Kong Issue 14 featuring :

Tommy Cash & MLMA for the AW22 Myths & Legends 14.

Once upon a time, in a moment confusingly referring to the present day, lived two parallel legends from entirely different realms. Having observed each other through the mighty portal known as the internet, the fated pair bonded through kindred abilities until tragedy struck. Mortals still speak of the gruesome battle that took place solely for the entertainment of the ancient King Kong scrolls. The end.

Amber Rose for the AW22 Myths & Legends 14.

“I feel like I have inspired girls around the world to express themselves as I did by shaving my head, dye it blonde, getting tattoos, which I talk about in my book How to Be a Bad Bitch in the first chapter Visions and I just had vision of how I wanted to look! I am never going to stop pushing the boundaries of feminism. I think one myth about me is that I am a bitch because I am quiet. But that is not true at all. I just don’t like to talk to stupid people. I want to be remembered as a loving, compassionate Bad-Ass bitch.”

Mike Tyson for the AW22 Myths & Legends 14.

Feast your on eyes on a living legend Mike Tyson – a fist full of fun and boxing clever with his views on fame and fortune! The best thing about a true legend is that you get the best of both worlds – the legend you want to see, including the adrenalin rush, but also a sense of the real person within. Without that, it’s just punching the air…

Beabadoobee for the AW22 Myths & Legends 14.

Emotionally charged guitar iconoclast Beabadoobee is transcending from lo-fi 90’s bedroom singer-songwriter to global rock star, kicking her childhood demons to the curb and transporting fans into her own universe Beatopia, with her most impressive sonic offering to date.

Nik Kosmas for the AW22 Myths & Legends 14.

In the shadows, dark clouds gathered.
The embers of cruel fires drifted slowly down. Hideous yet familiar abominations shambled across the shattered highways. Corpses hanging by ropes sway in a fetid breeze. A cute couple pose for a picture. A satyr smokes some hash from a human skull. The wet rhythmic sounds of fucking drift across the scene.

“I want to create elegant, vicious and horny works that capture the inherent pleasure and pain of existence.
I think the theme is universal. Storytelling, to me, is one of the most poignant and moving art forms. You become the protagonist in a story”

Gabriel Massan for the AW22 Myths & Legends 14.

Stories that are told and retold, held close and redistributed; myths are perhaps to culture as gravity is to earth; bridging the gap between what we know and everything that could possibly be. Myths help form ways of thinking, being, and relating to the world and to each other. As sociological tools, grounded in an embrace of unknowing, they also play a critical role in our own reincarnation and reformation.

Artist Gabriel Massan joins Curator Tamar Clarke-Brown (Arts Technologies, Serpentine) to discuss their practice, talking myth, simulation, and the process of making their upcoming work, Third World; an experimental video game incorporating elements from Brazilian folklore originally commissioned by Serpentine Arts Technologies that questions if critical play and practice could change the very dimensions of our existence.

K for the AW22 Myths & Legends 14.

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