Many of them #8


Issue 8.

MANY OF THEM is a bi-annual contemporary culture magazine focusing on art, film and fashion. It’s a space where creative processes, ideas, experiences and everyday practices are shared and discussed.

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Many of Them #8 focuses on the relationship that art and technology have kept over the years and, specifically, takes as a reference the conversation we had with the curator and artistic director of the Serpentine Galleries, 

HANS ULRICH OBRIST, who unravels a personal chronology of this evolution and projects the concerns about the technological development we are witnessing today. Based on this reflection, we have developed collaborations with different artists, photographers and fillmmakers such as: LAWRENCE LEK, HILARY LLOYD, TAKASHI HOMMA, KATJA RAHLWES, MATTHEW WILLIAMS, STEPHEN JONES, AUSTIN LEE, APICHATPONG WEERASETHAKUL, MISHA KAHN, BOTTER, ARI VERSLUIS, ERWIN WURM, WINTER VANDENBRINK, KYOTARO or DEA KULUMBEGASHVILI among others.

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