Marfa Journal #16


Issue 16


Marfa Journal (Formerly Marfamily) is a biannual journal documenting stand alone projects by the Marfamily team. This group of creatives have come together to showcase their work. Personal projects and collaborations are shown in this journal filled all schools of creative arts and editorial pieces.

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Last issue, things were EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY, now this time around it’s been a little harder. STRESSED DEPRESSED LEMON ZEST. Not to be down in the dumps though, we let the dirt slide right off our smooth skin. And here we have it, MARFA #16… Even when it’s pouring, the worms come up from the soil and dance with every raindrop. Like those wiggly darlings, be cheered by this issue’s lengthy chats with Phyllida Barlow, Karole Armitage, Whit Stillman and Daisuke Tanabe.

We had the pleasure of meeting with the Afghan Dreamers, an all-girls robotics team formerly based in Afghanistan, while Adit and Coumba dined over ghee dosas at the India Club.

Not to be forgotten is the life changing fashion content; Ella Emhoff, Abbey Lee and Lola Nicon make some brilliant facial expressions, Bianca Balti interferes with your concentration in La Perla Archive, along with Bente Oort who joins us for a viewing of Isa Genzken’s work.

We welcome new friends to the table with delightful contributions from Max Pearmain, Julie Greve, Nigel Shafran, Suzanne Koller, Anton Gottlob and Jack Day, and long- standing mates like Theo Wenner, Sean & Seng and Senta Simond make their return.

And though our name may be mud, with MARFA #16 the flowers keep blooming and the trees keep growing higher and higher.

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