Mildew #2


Issue 2.

Mildew is an annual print magazine about secondhand fashion and creative reuse, featuring art and writing that inspires us to think about old clothes in new ways. A guide to dressing in the spirit of our times, Mildew revels in the decay of fashion as we knew it.

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In Mildew Issue 2: the afterlives of granny blankets; one man’s quest to resurrect every Gap in-store playlist from the 90s; how a beloved Japanese soap opera shaped the Iranian secondhand trade; an elegy for the estate sale; a vintage fashion lover changes ableist attitudes one pair of thrifted high heels at a time; reminiscence therapy for folks with dementia; Kate Sekules on the virtues of mending throughout history; a Cairo flea market tour; hybrid garments from Lithuania; Delila Hailechristos’ catch-and-release philosophy; Yana Yatsuk’s antiques road trip; how Tiempo De Zafra reimagines textile waste in the Dominican Republic; a conversation on consumption with Aja Barber; and weaving together immigrants in exile with Cassandra Mayela.

Plus: the astrological signs as thrift store paperbacks; the mystery of an old shoe stuffed up the chimney; a radical 70s fashion rag lives on; camo‘s hidden agenda; trompe-l’oeil falls flat on purpose; preservation as veneration in Jewish material culture; a vintage spree at A Current Affair; a shopping map of Koenji, Tokyo; and applying Oblique Strategies to fashion.

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