Non #03


Issue 03. Identity.

Fashion. Culture. Queer.

NON defines loving as an essential piece to achieving liberty of thought and identity. We think it’s the language of our time, of our generation, of our own social revolution. Because they fully give themselves, fully feel free and love to the fullest. And who loves completely will always feel free.


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Issue 3. Identity issue.

Fashion is a mirror that reflects our inner selves, our cultures, aspirations, and the stories we wish to convey. Every thread, every texture, and every hue we select weave the narrative of who we are and who we aspire to be. Clothing empowers us. It’s not just about external appearance; it’s about confidence and self-strength.

Cover: top @difconcept
Shoes: @camper x @ottolinger1000
Pants: @nimph_

Photo: @gerardmolon
Stylist: @laperronni
Model: @vivesluna
Hair: @veronicamuahair
Mua: @makeupetrus
Nail artist: @beabaem

 Interviews: @lajedet @carlygibert @nicolemclaughlin @galeriephantom @_codex.___ @ingegrognard @florentinaleitner_ @misterpiro

Founder, director & editor: @annaamaso
Sub director & co-editor: @casandrammaggio
Creative director: @carlotakapahala
Graphic designer: @shhiniso

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