Pornceptual #5


Issue 05. FLUIDS.

Queer, Sexuality, Art

Pornceptual is a berlin based kinky independent magazine.

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For this issue of the magazine, we were deeply inspired by the idea of fluidity, how it enables transformation and allows us to escape the rigidness of dominant cultural norms. A fluid, after all, has no fixed shape. Its ephemeral state is a powerful metaphor for change. Fluidity allows us to be mutable and malleable in favour of a more dynamic, ever-changing experience. 

We have challenged our contributing artists to incorporate liquids in any form – whether physical or symbolical/metaphorical. You’ll find work exploring water, paint, and multiple other liquids. Since fluids are also an integral part of sex in it’s purest form, this issue also explores different body fluids in relation to sexual gratification: cum, squirting, spit,  piss, blood, sweat, and tears.

When applied to gender and sexuality, fluidity is a rejection of heteronormative boundaries. It extends to our relationships, our identities, our bodies. It allows us to live life as our true selves, constantly evolving our identities and expressions.

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