Tempura #05


Issue 05

Art, Architecture, Culture

Tempura is a French magazine dedicated to Japanese culture.

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In this issue:

You will dive into the world of plus size models and social injunctions to thinness with Yuta Yagishita.

Karyn Nishimura and Johann Fleuri take you to meet women fighting for the right to dispose of their bodies in Japan’s first X birthing clinic.

Régis Arnaud analyzes the disability situation in Japan, in particular through the work of the artist Mari Katayama.

Butoh actor and dancer Akaji Maro spoke to Stéphane du Mesnildot about the relationship with the aging body and its overcoming through dance.

Guillaume Loiret tells you the story of the most famous Japanese bodybuilder, the sultry writer Yukio Mishima.

You will hold your breath with Hanako Hirose, World Freediving Champion.

Clémence Leleu went to meet the Genderless kei, these non-binary young people who try to build their identity as best they can by going beyond the limits of the body.

You will go behind the mosaics to understand the relationship of Japan to hair through pornography.

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