The Plant #19


Issue 19.

Plants, Sustainability, Art, Botanic

Besides providing botanical contents in a simple, personal and cozy way, The Plant offers to plant lovers a new look on greenery by featuring the work of creative people who also love plants.

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This new issue is an invitation to dream, to go wild and to build the world of tomorrow. It’s an invitation to feed the ducks, hug the trees, and to sometimes get lost. It’s an invitation to imagine another way of being and building the world around us. Fantasy, mythology, curiosity and play. 

Virginie Benarroch & Peter Jordanov, Maureen Paley and the Moon, Drew Vickers, Bless by Dal Chodha & Stella Berkofsky, Marcelo Gomes, Flaminia Veronesi, Kerry J. Dean on Future Thinkers, Diana Kennedy, Precious Okoyomon by Brigitte Lacombe, Annie Collinge & Rottingdean Bazaar, Tom Johnson at Chubut Valley.

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